When a defendant sees their indictment reading: The United States of America Vs. Joe Citizen, the reaction is: “No, I am not opposed to the United States of America”.  But, at that point the damage is already done. Jurors can either be for the accused or for the United States of America. Likewise, when the name of the entity against them is not the Prosecution Department, but the Department of  Justice, it is pejorative. Those  prejudices should be removed. They put patriotism and righteousness on the side of the government. We should show we have a government for the people and only against some people.

The ease with which they can now bring charges for perjury (actually the federal version of it)  is frightening. There only has to be a disagreement between two parties and one is charged with perjury. Ask Roger Clements, one of the greatest Major League pitcher who ever lived. Ask Scooter Libby.

We are in an era where vast segments of the public has become aware that government has become too large and that its very largeness is detrimental to society. The late Mary McCarthy, author, critic and social observer concluded: “Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become a modern form of despotism.” And, above all, the Department of Justice is a bureaucracy.

Nowhere in government is power as absolute as in the Department of Justice. It is the willing whipping boy for all other branches of government.

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