While stopping the unfair treatment of citizens is the educational goal of People for Morality in Federal Justice, of equal importance is stopping the erosion of confidence in the federal justice system that is occurring and in informing the public of that erosion.

What would happen if confidence were lost? Would proper federal law enforcement be curtailed? What if there were no federal law enforcement system?

In Carmac McCarthy’s book “No Country for Old Men”, he creates a criminal drug scene where no one goes for days except criminals. One of them is a murderous maniac. This maniac spends the whole book killing people at random, unimpeded, as if he were an official executioner. This nightmarish scenario was made into a movie by the Coen Brothers and won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2007.

Author McCarthy was able to strike fear into the hearts of his readers by removing from his fictional world what most people rely upon to protect them, law enforcement. In this case, it is federal law enforcement. But, in actuality, none of this would ever take place because of the massiveness and completeness of federal law enforcement. This book and movie illustrates in reverse how necessary federal law enforcement is!  How removing it could create such fear in a population.

But, to remain acceptable the conduct of federal prosecutors must be done in a moral manner.. It is important that citizens be protected by their government, but it is also important that they be protected from their government. Prosecute crimes, but do it fairly. We do not want the public to fear federal law enforcement more than they do the criminals. Like fire, it can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

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