The Morality Program for Reform of the DOJ

Reform must be made. If not, people will continue to lose confidence that federal prosecution is morally and fairly conducted. It will not be easy to reestablished confidence lost. We need this law enforcement agency to be respected and believed.

These reforms are needed to restore integrity to our system of federal prosecution.

  1. Establish Transparency and Openness in all it does.
  1. Recognize that the Department of Justice does not seek justice, only convictions (the judiciary seeks justice).
  1. Prohibit the DOJ from lobbying Congress for laws that give them advantages and repeal the ones they have built up over the years.
  1. Prohibit guns to only violent felons. The non-violent ones need protection from the violent ones. There is no reason a person who has not abused a gun to be prohibited from enjoy the sport of hunting or target practice.
  1. Rename the DOJ, the Department of Federal Prosecution (DOFP). That is what they do. This will take away their unfair advance of seemingly the entire United States being against the accused citizen.
  1. Willful Specific Intent to commit the crime must be proven, as well as knowledge of commission of the act itself. Crimes should not be structured to produce absolute guilt regardless of an individual’s intent and knowledge. Criminals should not get off on technicalities and citizens should not be put in jail on technicalities.
  1. Prohibit targeting of citizens. They should not, without probable cause, focus on a person to see if they can find a crime he has committed. If a crime has been committed, the method should be to find out who committed it and go after that person. If no crime has been committed, do not start an investigation to see if one can be found.
  1. Stop prosecution by ambush. Require that meaningful information be given to the accused citizen. On a document type case, give the citizen copies of the documents, don’t keep him in the dark. Create an even playing field by having an open prosecution file policy.
  1. Reduce the prison population by only locking up those who need to be separated from society, regardless of the type crime. The movement to release only certain offenders convicted of only certain crimes sounds in politics.
  1. Move the prosecution’s office out of the federal court house. They should be seen as a separate law firm/government agency, and not as a subdivision of the judiciary in the court house.
  1. Encourage continuous oversight by outside citizen groups. The almost unlimited power to prosecute requires that there be continuous monitoring. Federal prosecution should never be used for political purposes. The more open the department is, the more the public will respect it.
  1. Stop the Department’s funding of outside groups that support the Department or its causes.
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